Our Story

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.10.28 PMRobert Sanou was recruited by a large western aid organization to pass out millions of mosquito nets to rural villagers as a means to curb Sub-Sahara Africa’s number one killer, malaria. As Robert and his team were finishing up the distribution in one village, he walked into a courtyard surrounded by several small huts and handed the father the mosquito nets that were allotted for his familyLittle Girl in Burkina.   As he did this, a severely malnourished young girl scooted up to the man and asked if he had told Robert that they had not eaten in 2 days.   Broken and embarrassed that he did not have the means to respond to the need, Robert said his goodbyes and walked away pretending like he did not hear the young girls cry for help.

Robert realized that day that attempting to tackle poverty in his country was never going to work if the efforts of himself and the countless other development organizations continued to operate based off of a charity model of funding targeting isolated need. It was much more complex. It was going to take an all-inclusive approach, starting with an intentional effort at developing local and regional enterprise to sustain it.

Upon hearing Robert’s story in May of 2013, Matt Peace and Tim Brokopp founded Amoveo Group.

Our Team

Tim#2 Mr. Timothy Brokopp, Founder and Executive Director of International Operations

Tim Brokopp is co-founder of the Amoveo Group and was appointed as Director of International Projects and Programs in 2013. Prior to that appointment, Mr. Brokopp was executive director of E4 Project, a faith-based international leadership community that brought sustainable solutions to impoverished communities in Gabon, Africa. Tim grew up in Sub-Saharan Africa and has worked there the past seven years. He is fluent in French and specializes in working in cross-cultural settings, leadership development and international community development.

PeaceMr. Matthew Peace, Founder and Executive Director of Domestic Operations

Matthew Peace has 15 years experience in International work. He has placed over 30 International Workers in 14 different countries that worked in the area of development. He was the Director of Envision International for 10 years and had oversight of a $3M annual budget. He is co-founder of The Amoveo Group which he has helped build into leveraging over $3.5M in annual aid to 4 International Projects. He has extensive international experience in 73 countries.


Robert SanouMr. Robert Sanou, International Consultant

Robert Sanou was founder and the first executive director of ACCEDES, a faith based NGO that was involved in relief projects, education, health, micro-finance, food security and clean water in the West African nation of Burkina Faso. Robert grew up in the village of Kouha in the western part of Burkina Faso. Mr. Sanou’s under-graduate degree was in law but has master degrees in micro-finance and community development and is finishing up his doctorate in organizational leadership. Robert is a French and English-speaking Burkinabé who has served on Boards of regional organizations, consulted for European and U.S. entities, and traveled widely throughout the Region and the world.