Our Unique Approach

Vitalized communities are the vision of the Amoveo Group.  We are a non-profit corporation created to implement a unique approach to realizing this through:

  • Identifying and Measuring the assets/liabilities of a community through the Amoveo Development Index and Assessment
  • Investing in Small/Medium Social Enterprises to generate revenue for the community
  • Coordinating efforts through Collective Impact to help the community realize the building blocks of vitalization.

The Amoveo Development Index and Assessment is a tool that we developed to map and graph280measure the building blocks of community vitalization – health, education, living standards, community life, economic opportunity and spiritual life. Assessment is the first step in our community vitalization process.

The Amoveo Group sees Small/Medium Enterprise as the financers
for a community’s vitalization infrastructure and micro-enterprise as the financers for the operations of the vitalization process. The development of these enterprises must be a priority if a community will move from De-Vitalized to VitalizeSocial Business Proposalsd.

Partnering with experienced business partners who have a proven track record in their respective industries, the Amoveo Group seeks infusions of equity capital as donations or renewable investments to begin small or medium size enterprises. The profits will then be used to finance community vitalization initiatives.spokes280

A Collective Impact approach understands that organizations — including those in government, civil society, and the business sector — need to coordinate their efforts and work together around a clearly defined goal through a “back-bone” organization.

The Amoveo Group implements this method in our community vitalization initiatives, serving as the backbone organization that leverages the strengths of multiple organizations.

We have launched this sustainable model of community vitalization in the nations of in Burkina Faso and El Salvador.