Due to natural disaster and drought and most recently Hurricane Matthew, crops and trees in 13Haiti have been largely devastated.


Setting up plant nurseries that will help farmers and communities replant crops and create a revenue stream for local churches, governments, and organizations.

  • Startup cost: $6600
  • Payback period 1-2 years.
  • Benefit: a Sustainable business that provides a revenue stream for community members as well as vital reforestation and crops.


Hurricane Matthew wiped out large numbers of livestock.


Goat breeding program:

  • Goats can be purchased at a low cost:
    • $55 for adult American/Haitian cross breed (larger animal)
    • $35 for adult Haitian Goat
    • $25 for kid
  • 1 Male and 1 Female goat are purchased. Goats are bred and the kids are given away in pairs, male and female with the arrangement to buy the first offspring back. This encourages continual breeding and offers a form of business to those who receive the goats.

Water Purification


Most water sources in Haiti are not purified. Water comes mainly from shallow wells, with the occasional deep well in some communities. Most people don’t have access to pure drinking water and the problem is compounded after large-scale disasters like hur2ricane Matthew. Water sources become contaminated by sewage due to flooding and lack of access to good waste management facilities or plumbing.


Water filter program:

  • A complete water filtration system can be assembled in Haiti for $25
  • These filters can be placed in homes and will greatly reduce the risk of cholera for their
    users, and can provide years of clean drinking water.


2016-11-15 13.52.08Problem

Close to 100% of homes in the most severely affected areas from hurricane Matthew lost a portion if not all of their roofs. Many homes were completely lost.



Re-roofing homes:

  • Material cost: $200/roof
  • Labor cost: $200/roof

Re-building Concrete Block homes:

  • Material cost: $6500/home
  • Labour cost: $1500/home